"Simply 3D" 3D Digital Camera

  • 3D digital cam era with dual 5MP CMOS sensors
  • Switches between 2D and 3D
  • Glasses-free 3.0" 3D parallax barrier TFT-LCD display with 480 x 320 resolution
  • Adjustable settings for 3D depth of field
  • Supports HDMI output
  • Electronic anti-shake
  • Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 20mm. Weight 127g.
  • Internal Battery: 1150mAh lithium battery.
  • Power Adaptor: Input: 100-240V/50-60Hz,0.2A. Output: 5V, 2A
  • Patent Pending

The World's First and Only Digital 3D Camera that will print on the spot!

Powered by 3DMe's proprietary software, Simply 3D®'s dual lens
camera is a world's first in providing an alternative and the most cost
effective solution for photographers wanting to take 3D photos,
particularly applications in the leisure/attractions industry, such as green
screen, animal encounters, themed, props, or costume set up, including
events marketing, and specialty photographers.

By having developed a process of using a dual lens camera, 3DMe's
proprietary software allows for changes in 3D geometry of given
stereoscopic data. It manages the issues of camera registration and
image rectification for glasses-free viewing and computer image

Since the use of green screen to grab attention has predominantly been
the standard norm across different photo venues around the world,
Simply 3D® can capture and create a whole new experience in 3D.
More importantly, it is the only 3D camera in the world that has a print
solution on the spot. 3DMe has made 3D printing easy, practical, and
affordable simply by using a standard printer (inkjet or dye sub).
There is NO need for 3D glasses, 3D viewers, or 3D displays to view
the captured 3D image, all that is required is simple… it is the latest and
most pioneering 3D camera offering in the market today, Simply 3D®.
Once the photo is taken, it is processed, printed, and framed all in a
couple of minutes, on the spot!

Additionally, 3DMe offers a range of 3D media options ranging from
standard photo sizes (4x6", 5x7", 6x8" & 8 x 10") to photo novelty
items such as 3D Key Chains, Fridge Magnets, Bag Tags, Rulers, and
Pocket Frames including software features for sending out 3D images
to your email and/or facebook accounts, and to your mobile phones.